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The Canadian ATV Motocross Race Team is the official team comprised of Canada’s top ATV racers chosen to represent this great country in national events across the world. All riders chosen to represent Canada have demonstrated to the Board of Directors of this not for profit organization as well as their communities, an unmatched balance of talent, dedication, professionalism, and national pride needed to represent Canada.

  • The Canadian ATV Motocross Race Team not only represents Canada at prestigious events, all of its members also help promote safe operation of recreational vehicles to less experienced riders through youth riding camps, as well as acting as role models for less fortunate individuals across Canada and the USA. All racers are immensely involved in the community with youth all the way up to elders, and have demonstrated an intense passion in promoting patriotism, professionalism, and core values to all of their many followers!
  • The Race Team aims to represent its country and supporters to the fullest extent, hopes to continue to support its riders to as best as possible, and to continue to dominate this extreme sport and prove to the world that Canadian talent is a force to be reckoned with. With the help of Canadian companies and corporations, we look to make a statement in Canadian pride!
  • The Team’s Board of Directors is made up of a selection of experienced unbiased individuals that have been collaboratively working together to select, organize, and put into action the most professional representation of Canada and its top corporations!
  • This Not for Profit Organization was established solely to promote Canada and its athletes in one of the fastest growing, most popular motorsports in the world. The team also helps to promote the sport of motocross (and its many positive life lesson attributes) as well as the healthy active lifestyle of individuals and families. Motocross is unique in that it displays a wide variety of positive traits to youth. Healthy active living, planning and logistics, social skills, business skills, time management, punctuality, commitment, leadership skills, dedication, determination, persistency, and many other attributes are present in this sport, making it an ideal activity to promote to families in order to help in developing life skills. All members of this organization are roll models and are admired by thousands already. Rest assured that all members have been thoroughly selected based on many factors including but not limited to the above mentioned attributes that the great sport of Motocross offers.
  • The team is comprised of a “Board of Directors” that makes decisions based on input from all involved parties of the organization in a democratic fashion in order to continually improve the organizations position and achieve its goals, along with the goals of the associate sponsors and most of all, Canada! Whether it be in the standings at national race events, or involvement in the community, the Canadian
    ATV Motocross Race Team looks to represent Canada and its supporters as a whole in the most positive and professional fashion possible. The team will do so using the wide variety of tools at its disposal, as well as from donations and sponsorship from patriotic and charitable organizations looking to support Canadian Athletes on the worlds stage, as well as provide community involvement to the public and the individuals that look up to professional athletes.
  • Without the generosity of fellow Canadians and corporations, no group of Canadian athletes would be able to represent their country the way we Canadians deserve, and the Canadian ATV Motocross Race Team is no different. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we are able to put the most cost effective and competitive representation into practice, all the while promoting and marketing the generous sponsors to an extremely large demographic. Travelling over 75 000 km a year across North America alone in race haulers which are basically a mobile billboards alone has obvious benefits in itself, as well as obvious costs. Television, Radio, World Wide Web, Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, and social networks are also a massive opportunity for corporations to expand their market by supporting
    Team Canada. It also allows corporations to be a part of something great, and receive a significant amount of exposure for a relatively small contribution, proving to be a very cost effective marketing and advertising option for companies that wish to support the team.
  • The bottom line is that the Canadian ATV Motocross Race Team will stop at nothing to achieve its goals, and is well aware that the happiness of its supporters is a huge part in the success of its athletes. It is in the entire teams best interests to prove to our supporters that their hard earned dollars are being put to good use, and rest assured, 100% of the support received goes directly into the team, the community, and to marketing you!
  • This team will be successful and will have a great group of supporters behind them, there is no question about that. One question remains however. Will you and your company be a part of this patriotic representation of Canada and the greatness that is sure to follow, or will you sit back and constantly hear about the Canadian ATV Motocross Race Teams achievements in the media?
We also would like to thank our many sponsors for the 2013 season because they have helped make it all possible for all of the current and future team members  to race on well balanced and safe products for the years to come .
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