The 2015 season is underway!
Oshawa ON- It has been a long and quiet offseason this year with not much reporting on the developments that have happened since the snow began to fly. That is all about to change in a big way as the 2015 season has kicked off bigger then any other year! The first ever Daytona ATV Supercross has come and gone, and it proved to be a big success. Canada’s very own Cody Withey was present and rippin and represented himself, his sponsors and his country wholeheartedly with a convincing Heat 1 win! Read on to find out some of the moving and shaking from the last 6 months.

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High Point Pennsylvania Round 3
of the Mt Dew AMA Motocross
series Mount Morris PA-
Another round is in the history books of the 2014 Mountain Dew AMA national Motocross championship, and Team Canada is coming home with some strong showings. The journey to the heart of the USA proved to be a wet one for the boys in Red and White.. Travelling against Gale force winds and bouts of torrential rains and flood warnings, this adventure was shaping up to be a messy one!

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Muddy Creek!! CATVMX Hits Tennessee
like a Mack truck on a Deer. 

Blountville Tennessee - The ATV's shared the same track that the AMA Dirt Bikes race on, and rumor has it, the ATV's logged faster lap times then the best Dirt Bike Racers in the world!  The Canadian ATV MX Race Team returned to some of the success that they had in 2013, with 2 podium finishes and 3 top 5 Overalls for the weekend!

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Team Canada Hits the AMA National Round 1 & 2.  Here's what happened!

Saturday was a sunny cool day.  Cody's only race on was Open A.  He started out strong but mechanical issues kept him from competing the rest of the day.  Cody didn't let this get him down.  His Pro Am debut was the next day.  Sunday Cody was amped and was ready, or was he?  Thinking of Bryan and his nerves got in the way of his first moto.  He didn't qualify so had to race in the LCQ for a chance in the finals.  Cody led the LCQ from start to finish, he looked like he was back.

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The Canadian ATV MX Team Kicks off the 2014 Season in Florida!

As the snow flies and the Olympics start, Canada’s Canadian ATV MX Race Team headed south to sunny Florida to get a head start on the 2014 AMA ATV National season. Cody Withey and Bryan Vollmer will be stationed in the sunny south for nearly two months, with the third Canadian Rider, Sean Mitchell, having joined them for 12 days. The riders have been training hard both on and off the track as well as getting each of their individual programs dialed with bike testing. One thing is certain, the 2014 AMA National season may see some surprises in the “A” and “Pro-Am” classes.

This will be the first release of the 2014 season, so be sure to keep an eye open on a Bi-weekly basis for updates on the progression of Team Canada!

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 Award Banquet.
The 2013 AMA season has come and gone, with the final scheduled appearance for the Canadian ATV Motocross race being the AMA Awards banquet in Morganstown West Virginia. The Team headed down to have its racers recognized on the worlds stage and collect the hardware that they earned competing this past summer. Of the 3 CATVMX racers, they Collected 3 top three finishes and 4 top five finishes in the most competitive racing series the world has to offer. Congrats to all the racers in an amazing season!
2013 Toronto ATV and Snowmobile Supershow!
The Canadian ATV MX Team was caught hanging out at the very popular Toronto Snowmobile and ATV Show at the end of October and even was seen afterwards tearing up the dance floor with industry reps from all over North America! The Canadian boys had a great display, with 5 race bikes, the 2013 race hauler and signed over 2500 posters for show goers! The challenge went out to anyone that could beat Cody Withey at ATV Vs. MX Unleashed, where Cody remained undefeated the entire weekend!
Be sure to keep a look out for the boys throughout the offseason on the social media channels!
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Ontario, Canada- The Canadian ATV Motocross Race team is proud to announce that Bryan Vollmer from Team Vollmer will be the newest member of the Team. Bryan Vollmer recently decided to come over from the Wienen Motorsports camp to become a pivotal part of the team in the Production A and Pro-am Classes for the 2014 AMA National Motocross race season.

The #32 Yamaha will be a welcomed addition to the team contesting in these two super competitive classes and will certainly raise the competition level within the CATVMX race team and help improve the two returning members of the team Cody Withey and Sean Mitchell. “I am very excited to have Bryan as a part of the team and am looking forward to riding and training together.. I think Bryan and the entire Team Vollmer program and will be a welcomed addition to the Canadian ATV MX Team,” says Sean Mitchell.

Bryan Vollmer stepped into the ATV motocross scene in 2009. In 2010 CMRC he finished 3rd Canada Cup Junior Division and CMRC named him rider of the year. In 2011 Bryan went to the United States too compete in the AMA -ATV Nationals and ended the season with a production B championship. Bryan trained with Chad Weinen (2012 and 2013 AMA National champ). In 2013 Bryan rode for the Weinen motorsports team with other team members Thomas Brown of Texas (2nd place 2013 Pro AMA), Jordan Dummett of Australia and Chad Weinen of Illinois. Bryan will be competing in the production A and Pro-am classes in the 2014 AMA Nationals. When Bryan isn’t racing he is working in the trade to obtain his plumbers ticket. Bryan will be training hard and pushing for another championship.

Be Sure To check out all the CATVMX throughout the offseason on social Media as they train and get ready for the 2014 AMA National MX Season!
Canadian ATV MX Race Team Season Recap!
2013 AMA National Season
Ontario Ca- The first ever season is in the record books for the Canadian ATV Motocross Race Team (CATVMX) and all the members on the team should be proud at the accomplishments that they are coming home with. Between the 3 racers representing the team, Cody Withey, Sean Mitchell, and Mike Vincent, they walked away with 7 top 10 finishes! “All the racers should be proud at what they have accomplished, and not only did we have impressive results, they have established lasting relationships with many influential individuals and companies within the industry,” said Team CATVMX Team Manager Bill Withey today. Without the help from friends, family, sponsors and supporters, the success that the Team and racers had this season would never have been possible! It Wasn’t all victories and easy sailing for Team Canada however as all members had their fair share of drama and hardships. From hard crashes to heavy rains, the team, and their competitors dealt with some added obstacles for the 2013 AMA season. It literally rained at some point throughout the race weekend for 9/10 rounds, and caused havoc on tracks, equipment, and morale. “At the start of the year I hated the rain.. everything about it, riding in it, cleaning up after it.. everything, but by the end of the season, myself, and everyone else I guess were used to it. I learned to just have a positive attitude through it and have fun. Something that Cody and “Wild Bill” taught me” says Sean Mitchell. For certain, the team has learned how to race in the mud, little tips and tricks that go a long way.  read more ...
Cody Withey 617- The young Gun…
Cody Withey is the youngest racer representing the CATVMX and carried the flag this year being the only racer of the 3 to be able to be at every round. Cody turned a lot of heads and made a huge splash in the sport with Overall wins and a 3rd and 6th overall (450A and Production A) for the year in arguably the most competitive classes in the sport of ATV Motocross.

“I started the season strong and took advantage of the mud with a positive attitude which helped me overcome the low morale that a lot of the racers were experiencing. I was right in the hunt until a bad accident at Balance MX in Kentucky kinda took the wind out of my sails a bit.” After taking such a hard hit, Withey would come back strong and prove his physical and mental toughness throughout the rest of the season. “Cody is a different animal, for a 17 year old he has everything together and has improved and learned a tonne this year. He’s kinda the whole package, great rider, strong, consistent, well mannered, and completely indulged into the sport, and the kids.” –Mitchell

“I am very happy with my season and can’t wait for next year in Pro-AM!”

Keep a look out for Cody on Youtube throughout the winter and  in 2014 on top of the box!

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Sean Mitchell 177
Old Dogs can learn new tricks.
Mitchell proves he is still getting faster!

With His first season in the AMA being an abbreviated one, Sean Mitchell Made the most of the 7/10 rounds that he competed in for himself and the Canadian ATV Motocross Race Team. “I couldn’t be happier with how the season went this year, well maybe I could of I had have won the championship, but I’ll take 2nd this year!” “it was a lot of work, but I met a lot of great people, improved significantly, and had an awesome, drama free time with a great team!” Improve he did “I would say Sean Improved the Most this year and am excited to see how his progression goes through the off season and into Next season.” Commented Bill Withey. Sean finished the season 2nd Open B, 3rd in 450b, and 7th in +25A, with a handful of moto wins and an overall win. “I’ll be coming back full swing next season again aboard my Walsh CRF450 Hybrid and hoping to be at every round and hopefully win a championship! I’m hungrier than ever and hoping to have everything pan out over the offseason.” I gotta Thank everyone, Bill, Kristin, Cody, Mike, Carissa, Justin, all my family, Just everyone. It was a tough season on family and friends with me travelling and not being around, and without all their support, I couldn’t have done this!” Sean Will be training hard all fall and winter, and don’t count him out for a few “A” class overalls in 2014! 

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Justin VanGennip, Carissa, Cody Withey, Bill Withey, Kristin Withey, Mike Vincent,  Mom, Dad, Tyler Billings, Jay Gobel, Dennis (Maxxis), Steve (Elka), Mark Baldwin, Jamie Byrd, Cynthia Prefontaine 
"Dirt In My Eye'S"  ATV Motocross Docu-Drama
By Tyler Billings

The Canadian ATV MX Team was lucky enough to have a talented up and coming filmographer/editor Tyler Billings, come along and create a documentary of the life of the CATVMX racers. This documentary captures heart pounding action, behind the scenes footage, and in depth interviews of the racers and their adventures throughout the AMA Motocross season. We would like to thank Tyler for his dedication, desire and hard work this year! Without his tireless work ethic, comedic sarcasm, and budding personality, the season would not have been what it was! Thanks Tyler for great work! Check out “Dirt In My Eyes” on TylerBilling779 Youtube channel and be sure to subscribe!
Mike Vincent  #156
Mike Vincent came into the 2013 AMA season knowing that due to work obligations, he would be unable to attend all the rounds, but the #156 made the most of the rounds he was at. Mike rode safe and rode hard when it was needed, and secured a 5th and a 10th overall in his classes! secured a 5th and a 10th overall in his classes! Throughout the year, Mike came out of his comfort zone and excelled against a group of up and coming racers from around the world. Mike was a welcomed and integral part to the Canadian ATV MX Teams season and walks away head held high from a successful year with growth both as a racer and a person! “I’m headed to school in Ottawa this year so we will see where that takes me but I will for sure still keep riding as long as I can.I’d like to thank all of my sponsors, family and supporters for helping me out this year.”   
Michigan-Another Successful weekend for the Canadian ATV MX Team at Red Bud is in the books.. Cody Withey followed up last years performance with an even more impressive run in 2013, finishing with two 3rd Overalls for the weekend after making very impressive charges from the back of the pack, tracking down the front runners on the final lap and making an unbelievable pass over the finish line to solidify his podium finish! "Cody was definitely on a tear this weekend, especially sunday, setting blistering fast laptimes while working his way through the pack on what was probably the roughest track on the circuit. It was one of those races that you watch and it gives you goosebumps because of the excitement.. it definitely set the stage for my races and motivated me to do my best" says teammate Sean Mitchell."

Sean Mitchell had some highlight moments himself at Red Bud this past weekend, winning a Moto and once agin finishing in the top 5 for the weekend. Starts would prove to be a nemesis this weekend on sunday for him, making his work a little harder after qualifying first with a Moto 1 win and putting him in contention for the overall.. "I kinda choked a little on Sunday, and have no excuses, I think I just wanted it too much and tried a little too hard instead of letting it come to me, but I can't be disappointed riding such an amazing track!" Sean walked away still in the points with a 5th, 6th, and 7th overall in his 3 classes. 

The CATVMX will be making their way south to Tennessee early next week for the final round of the 2013 Mountain Dew AMA Nationals where the final points race will be decided. Keep checking in!
Canadian ATV Motocross Race Team To be featured
at 2013 Toronto International ATV and Snowmobile show.

  This years upcoming ATV/Snowmobile show will play host the CATVMX Race team and allow the 40 000+ enthusiasts an opportunity to meet the racers, see state of the art high performance race equipment, and interact with some of the nations top ATV Motocross racers. “I was contacted personally by show manager Mike Blakoe regarding the possibility of the Canadian MX Team to come hang out at the show and interact with its guests! Obviously this is beneficial to the team, giving us an opportunity to interact with enthusiasts and let them know what we are doing, as well as adding another feature and attraction to an already extremely popular show” said Team racer Sean Mitchell.

   The Race team is looking to reach out to show goers of all ages, having games and fun competitions for kids, attractions for adults, and everyone in between. Merchandise will be able to be won, and there will be plenty of posters and stickers for anyone interested! “The last 5 years has seen an influx of ATV’s to what used to be mostly just a snowmobile show, and the Canadian ATV Motocross Team is going to be a welcomed addition to the show, and attract even more ATV enthusiasts to this show” states Mike Blakoe. Be sure to check out the show this October 25-27th and order your tickets in advance to save $3.00 at the door!

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New Berlin, NY- Sean Mitchell finishes off the Unadilla Northeastern national race weekend with a convincing Moto win to go 2nd,2nd, and 3rd overall on the weekend. “I had some bad starts on Saturday with the first Moto’s but was able to work my way up and put myself in good position for Sunday’s Moto 2’s.” And that is where the #177 used his better gate picks to his advantage, coming out of the Hole strong and chasing down and passing riders to a convincing Moto 2 450B win. Sean Would get great starts and finish 2nd and 3rd overall in his Open and 25+ classes respectively.   

Cody Withey showed moments of brilliance but was held back with mechanical issues for 3 out of his 4 moto's, but still managed a 7th and 12th overall for the weekend, keeping him in contention for the national championship points race. Cody’s first moto of the weekend would show his true speed, coming out of the gate in 13th place but quickly working through the pack, tracking down 4th place, where he would finish in 5th. The bad luck would hamper the rest of his weekend with a sneaky intermittent electrical problem.    

Mike Vincent would have his share of bad luck landing on a competitor and losing a grip over the unadilla skyshot. Mike finished the weekend 11th and 12th overall.  

Unadilla would prove a challenge for all three CATVMX racers, with a compilation of bent and broken parts, but the racers all put on a display for the record crowds and are travelling back from the "Heart of Horsepower" Unadilla unscathed! There were close calls, and sore bodies, big crashes, big jumps, and an unprecedented amount of excitement at this historic track.   The boys will be coming out swinging for Red Bud in two weeks time!

Check them out there and keep an eye open for the next episode of “Dirt in My Eyes” at

Rossville IN - All the rumors about Wildcat Creek Raceway being flooded were put to rest this past weekend, when the Canadian ATV MX Team was greeted by a perfectly prepped motocross track and arguably the most successful weekend thus far for the racers.

Sean Mitchell would get things rolling for the team with the first race of the day in his +25 class. 14 riders would line up at the gate, with Mitchell sweeping in from the outside gate to a top 5 holeshot. He would dice back and forth and settle mid pack for 8th place. Sean’s second Moto of the day was where the excitement was. The Open B class has proved to be Sean’s focus point and after getting a great start, he would make the pass for first mid race and carry that all the way to the checkered flag!

Cody Withey proved that him and his Baldwin Honda are a force to be reckoned with, as he was able to grab 3 out of 4 of the holeshots, two holeshots of which came on Saturday. Cody would ride a smart race and wind up In fourth place in 450A, which would set him up for Sunday’s moto’s. Production A moto holeshot was once again grabbed by the #617 Baldwin Honda as he would cruise to a 6th place finish.

Mike Vincent started out his weekend riding timid and cautious. Wild creek proved to be a struggle for the #156 bike but every moto he looked more and more comfortable. This is the nature of racing and every rider experiences it at one point or another. Be sure to see Vincent winning races before the year is through!

With Saturdays Moto 1 win, Sean Mitchell was putting pressure on himself to repeat yesterdays performance. Sean would get another good start, and after a few quick moves found himself in 2nd place behind yesterdays 2nd place finisher Karody, and needing to beat him for the overall. The two riders would battle back and forth, with Sean making the pass on the first lap and leading most of the race. On the last lap Karody capitalized on a small mistake and once again took the lead and with a valiant, be it, failed last ditch attempt at the finish line, Sean would have to settle for 2nd place in the Moto, and 2nd overall for the weekend.

Cody Withey would have a little added motivation for his 450A moto from Baldwin Motorsports’ Jamie Byrd prepping his gate and allowing Cody to grab yet another Holeshot! Cody would ride the wheels off his machine and continue to pull a slight gap on the field and win the race, and the overall for the weekend, from Gate drop to checkers! This is Withey’s first overall “A” class victory of the season, and he’s hungry for more!

The Boys are getting geared up for Round #5 on May 25th and are excited to keep the momentum going. Keep checking in and following them on youtube and facebook!

Oakland Kentucky- The Canadian ATV MX  team headed south of the boarder once again for the third round of the 2013 Mountain Dew AMA National motocross championship. The racers were greeted by clear skies and a perfectly prepared Balance MX track thursday, and Cody Withey, Sean Mitchell, and Mike Vincent were chomping at the bit to get out on the track Friday and get familiar with this fast and technical track.  

Friday Morning the #617 and #177 were the first racers on the track and would start dialing in section by section. Cody Withey was blazing around the track and looking real comfortable until he went for a technical double-triple section and was ejected from his bike after it kicked him funny on the takeoff. Cody would end up cartwheeling and getting hit hard by his bike, injuring his back and leg. Battered and bruised, Cody would sit out the rest of the practice day and try to heel up in time for the races. Mitchell would end out the day rubber side down and looking smooth and dialed in. Vincent would finish out the Friday practice getting ejected off his bike in a freak accident, but would walk away unscathed. Up until that mishap both riders were looking smooth and fast, and like they would be hard to beat in the upcoming races.  

Saturday would bring heavy rains, thunderstorms and a lot of mud and work ahead of the entire team. Withey decided after a nights rest, that he was not willing to risk further injury by racing, and would sit out the weekend and help the rest of his teammates with their races. Mike Vincent would start out the day with a bad start and would be near back of the pack into the first turn. Vincent would work his way through the pack, mud covered and finishing 5th for his 4-stroke C Moto and 7th for his production C Moto. Sean Mitchell struggled with starts in both his saturday Moto’s and some bad luck in the heavy mud with spin-outs, and an incident with another competitor and a tree. “I was not having a good Saturday at all, it is really hard to enjoy these sloppy mud races.” Sean would finish mid pack in both Moto 1 races in 7th and 10th.    

On Sunday, the AMA had salvaged the race track from even more rain the night prior, and sunny skies would perk up riders and dry out the track and would serve a much better day for the Canadian Team. Mike Vincent would chalk up a pair of 5th place finishes to secure a respectable 4th overall for the weekend. “I am happy for Snowflake (Mike) in getting 4th overall, and we all know that he will be finishing up front when he rides like we all know he can,” said Teammates Sean Mitchell and Cody Withey. Sean Mitchell had a much better day, with Team manager Bill Withey prepping his gates, the #177 was able to muscle his way near the front into the first corner with both moto’s and would finish 3rd and 2nd in his 450B and Open B  Moto #2 races, good enough for securing 2nd and 5th overall salvaging his weekend after a not so successful Saturday.        

The team headed back to Canada, battered and dirty, but far from beaten with another successful weekend in the Mountain Dew AMA nationals. Cody Withey is ready to rock and roll and is looking forward to Round 4 after some healing. Look for him to be mixing it up at the front of the pack! Keep checking out updates and “Dirt in My Eyes” Youtube videos for all the action!

Blountville Tennessee

Muddy Creek would prove to live up to its name this week at the Mountain Dew AMA Nationals. After a nice drive up on the Thursday it was 28 degrees and sunny but trackside reports were claiming showers with high winds that night. Tired after the long drive no one in our camp had heard anything unusual that night, but when we awoke people were claiming the wind and heavy down pours came as expected making practice on Friday next to impossible. Most who tried paid the ultimate price being pulled off the track. The Canadian ATV MX Team (CATVMX) had their own dramas to contend with after finding the #617 Honda hard to start and an oil leak coming from Mike's bike. After Mark Baldwin had a look at Cody’s Withey’s Honda, it was discovered that water had gotten into his race motor from Aonia Pass, even after all the work we did to try and stop it and we would be forced to swap out motors for the Saturday Races.


Our guys would not have the day we were hoping for on Sat after not being able to ride for the last 3 weeks due to a stubborn Canadian winter that just won't go away. Because of this the riders paid the price getting tired after the first few laps and having to give positions to riders that were in better shape. All would not be lost when Cody pulled off a third in Production A. After carrying out some bike maintenance and discussions about our day we decided that we would do our best on Sunday and make the most of our situation. Mike Vincent came out swinging pulling two good holeshots and riding the way we know he can!  Cody followed suit fighting through the riders at the start and picking up positions through out the race. After all was said and done both riders pulled out good results finishing fifth overall in both there classes. With all their problems it was good to see them try their best and come out with good results salvaging points early in the season when it counts. I am proud of everyone.


With a weekend off before round #3 of the 2013 Mountain Dew AMA Nationals, The entire (CATVMX) is already hard at work training. Cody Withey will be heading down to train with Bryan Vollmer from Wienen Motorsports, with Mike Vincent putting in the hours a little closer to home/ Sean Mitchell will be re joining the team for the round in Balance Kentucky and has been itching to race since finding out he could not make the Muddy Creek round due to career obligations. Be sure to keep in touch and check out the latest Episode of “Dirt in My Eyes!”

The Vision

As time goes on, we are getting more and more questions about what this team is about, how it is comprised, and what it takes to be a part of the effort. is up and running and we are working on networking. As a team, we are exited about the early stages of development and moving into action!


This team/racing effort/ motocross catalyst was developed by a group of people involved in the powersport’s industry, in a time where the sport is “hiccupping” as far as growth, coverage, interest and opportunities goes. The long term goals of the not for profit Canadian ATV Motocross Race team are to have at least one committed and deserving racer represent Canada in each of the upper competitive classes of the AMA Nationals and prestigious events around the world. In this economy, as most of you know, it is a huge feat in order to accomplish this, but we are certain that with the proper people at the helm of this ship, it can and will be done! Racing is not an easy or cheap sport, and is not the only front in which this team will be assaulting. We are looking to extend our efforts deep into communities around Canada, spreading awareness of our efforts, awareness of our sport and helping all interested individuals, young or old, get involved with this great hobby, provide a target and a goal for younger racers to shoot for, and open doors and opportunities to individuals that may not necessarily have the chance if it wasn’t for the CATVMX.

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Washington Georgia
- It was two weeks ago when the Canadian ATV Motocross team headed south to kick off the start of the 2013 AMA Motocross nationals, a series that plays host to the most talented riders from around the world. The 2 weeks of training and racing proved to be a great asset in conditioning, progression, and development of the Canadian athletes.  

The trip started off with Racers Cody Withey and Sean Mitchell driving down to Washington Georgia with Tyler Billings Productions in order to get and early season “jump” on the competition and some filming taken care of for the upcoming motocross documentary “Dirt in my eyes.” The two racers were later joined by Mike Vincent, and would all split the next two weeks riding, training, and filming in preparation for Aonia Pass, round #1 of the AMA National series. Getting comfortable and dialed on the machines would prove to be a huge help for the team when it came time for the March 22nd kick off! 
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    For Immediate Release.
CANADIAN ATV MOTOCROSS RACE TEAM  Non Profit Corporation #1881202 

FLIPSYDE Racing and two of their racers would like to announce its new efforts for the 2013 season in the form of supporting a new non profit organization. The Canadian ATV Motocross Race Team (CATVMX). FLIPSYDE Racing team riders Cody Withey and Sean Mitchell have been the first 2 racers that have committed to the efforts of the CATVMX  
Over the years, Mark Baldwin has had the opportunity to work with many well-known aftermarket companies involved with ATV racing and to this day, many remain the main sponsors of the riders he currently supports. Aftermarket giants such as Performance Engineered Products (P.E.P.), Hinson Clutch Components, Laegers, JB Racing, Quad Tech, Douglas Wheels, Maxxis Tire, Pro-Design, Walsh Racecraft, Wiseco, RPM, PowerMadd, DID, VP Race Fuels, Scott Goggle, Rath Racing and Works Connection have all stood beside Baldwin Motorsports and the riders Mark Baldwin has personally chosen to ride for him.

Baldwin Motorsports facility consist of a 6,000 sq ft state-of-the-art shop that was purchased in 2004 and includes in house Dynojet dynamometer, SuperFlow Flowbench, Serdi Valve Seat machine, fabrication and machining equipment and several work areas for skilled technicians, customer showroom and complete inventory of OEM and aftermarket parts.

Visit Baldwin Motorsports @